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About Us

Thank you for requesting information from Brummells. We are an organisation that strongly believes in an honest and straightforward approach to dealing with any hair loss problem. Having worked with hair replacement procedures for over 30 years, the experienced gained made it clear that there had to be a more modern and understanding way to help hair loss sufferers.  In 1995 I set up a studio with the express intention to provide the world's most advanced procedures and the best hair care services. Setting up the National Hair Loss Advisory Line was a natural progression to the overall service. The result was an instant and popular success, and today we have satisfied clients from all over the UK, Europe and the United States. For any person suffering from hair loss, privacy and confidentiality is of vital importance and the well being of our customers is our first priority. Unlike other hair replacement studios, Brummells does not employ any salespeople, who make people feel vulnerable with their sales tactics. Brummels offers only the highest advanced standards in consumer care with our hair consultants. Also we know that everybody is an individual with their own unique hair loss and hair replacement needs, that is why we design everything to the individuals own requirements We offer a free and private consultation, at which time, we fully advise you on the solutions available. At this point we also show you the technology and how it relates to you, each consultation is designed specifically to show you how NSMT can change your life for the better. 

Brummells offers the only guaranteed form of hair replacement available today. 

Our philosophy is to make you look good and feel great.

Brummells non surgical hair restoration techniques are available for all forms of alopecia.

For each individual, we can restore your look as quickly or as slowly as is appropriate, with the end result being a natural looking head of hair. We are certain that you will find the Brummells Hair Centre to be a caring, understanding and professional service that prides itself in setting the standards others find hard to match.

That is why we initialised the Brummells Hair Challenge;


If you are already in existing hair systems or thinking about hair replacement procedures. Then our advanced hair technology is available to be seen in a free consultation to show you why it is the most affordable and aesthetic form of hair replacement in the UK, USA and Europe.

If you want the very best hair loss treatments and hair replacement procedures then Brummells Hair Loss UK Centre is the organisation for you.