Brummells NSMT Non Surgical Micro Technology The Only Guaranteed Form of Hair Replacement....

Chemotherapy/Cancer Patients

For anybody going through the trauma of Cancer and the necessary treatments involved it is widely known that hair loss can and often occurs during this time. The stress and worry that this can cause an individual only contributes to the difficult time that they are going through.

Brummells Non Surgical Hair Replacement design specifically for people that are going through this, like all of our procedures it can be a great help during this time.

If you have lost the majority if not all of your hair our design team can create a head of hair designed specifically for you.

During this time there are very few options available for you; they range from utilising scarves to synthetic wigs.

The problem with synthetic wigs is that;

Very rarely are they like your previous hair. They are pre-styled and you have to adjust your style to the wig and compromise your appearance.

Synthetic hair has no comparison to hair, it does not have the same texture or movement as hair does.

They can be uncomfortable to wear, it is not designed to mould your head and can cause many differing problems.

Brummells NSMT can be designed specifically for you during this time. Not only during your treatment but also after due to the fact it can take time for your hair to grow back to the length that you desire.

Our aim during this time is to make you feel as good as possible about your appearance whilst you concentrate on getting well.