Brummells NSMT Non Surgical Micro Technology The Only Guaranteed Form of Hair Replacement....

Clients From Other Studios

As an organisation Brummells prides itself on offering nothing but the highest level of standards
to our clients. From the technology we develop to the aftercare services we provide.
If you are a client from another hair replacement company and are reading this then already you
feel that you are not getting the level of service, techology and respect that is warranted.
Do you feel;
That your current hair system compromises your appearance?
You are paying thousands of pounds for your technology and wondering why this is?
That you are only being sold to by your consultant and not looked after?
You are being told that you have to sign yearly contracts and don't want to?
Or any other reason that you no longer want to go to your current hair studio
and feel that there is better for you?
If you answered yes to any of these, then;
Brummells as an organisation will take over the maintainance of your existing hair system and
we will not tie you to any contracts. We do not charge thousands of pounds for our technology
and we welcome you to come and see the technology for yourself.
You are under no obligation, we do not use high pressure sales tactics, put quite simply we let
our non surgical hair technology speak for itself plus we give you the highest level technology available
today and the aftercare service that you want.
Changing from studios can be a nervous time for the client but we want you to know that Brummells
offers only a top level friendly service that we invite you to come and experience for yourself.